Sandy Sprint Sea Isle City 5K & Family Walk

Terri's Troops



Warrior: A brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

    No one embodies the warrior spirit more than my Mom, Terri Price does. After a rough year, I truly believed my family was on the road to good things, but God had other plans. On March 16, 2017, my Mom was diagnosed with late stage Ovarian Cancer. This was a shock to all of us especially my mother, who is on top of everything and doesn’t miss a beat. After undergoing extensive surgery, our warrior came out fighting like a champ and ready to attack this cancer!

    Through ups and downs, tears and laughs, my Mom always comes out smiling. What keeps her going is the deep sense of gratitude she feels each and every step of this journey. This experience has shown her an outpouring of love and support from family, friends, even strangers. She is endlessly grateful to every one of you. My family’s heart is so full to know that my Mom is so loved. We could never repay you for this support.

   We ask you to join us for this walk/run to contribute to the advancement in Ovarian Cancer research, as well as to spread awareness and promote education about the disease. There is so much work to be done in the mission to find a cure, and together we can make a difference in achieving these goals.

   We hope to see you all on July 29th! Let’s find a cure and keep fighting with my amazing warrior Mom! She’s got this! On behalf of my Mom, Dad, brother, and of course Roxy, we are so grateful for each of you.                        Thank you! -Victoria 





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