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Sleepwalkers FAQ 

If you want to be at the Sandy Sprint, but can't attend the event on the 21st—or just don't want to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning—you can register as a Sleepwalker! Registered Sleepwalkers play an essential role in spreading the word about ovarian cancer awareness—and still get to enjoy many of the same benefits of walking/running with us. This year we want to have at least one Sleepwalker team in every state and as many international teams as possible, but we need your help to meet our goal.

How It Works

You can support the Sandy Sprint in your city or neighborhood. As a Sleepwalker, you choose the scope of participation that works for you. You can virtually walk without leaving your own couch, walk with friends to your local coffee shop, or organize your own team/group  to walk in a local park to generate awareness.

When you register, you choose to sign up as an individual, start a team, or join a team, then select the 'Sleepwalker' option to become a virtual walker.

We encourage you to get competitive and use your resources!

Benefits of Registering as a Sleepwalker

Sleepwalkers are a fundamental part of the Sandy Sprint so we want to show our thanks and appreciation. Every Sleepwalker will receive a Sandy Sprint T shirt in the mail.


1. Who can I contact if I have questions?

For questions, information, and support, contact us at

2. Is there anything I am required to do as a Sleepwalker after I've registered?

There are no special requirements, but we do encourage you to start or join a team in your state! If you can, get out, go for a walk in your neighborhood, see a movie, have coffee with friends, or do any activity of your choosing in your Sandy Sprint T-shirt on April 21st or any day you choose. You can let us know how you participated by emailing a photo, video to We will post your photo, video, or story on the website to show the world how you are helping to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer!

4. Is it better to donate $35 or register as a Sleepwalker?

Both are great and very much appreciated! You are encouraged to register as a Sleepwalker. Every Sleepwalker gets a Sandy Sprint shirt in the mail. In addition, by registering as a Sleepwalker you can help us spread the message about ovarian cancer beyond our borders. Since there is no reliable test to detect ovarian cancer, awareness is vital in saving lives. However, if you do not care to receive a shirt, then we suggest you donate the $35 instead. You can't go wrong either way!