Dear Team Captain:


Thank you for participating as a Team Captain in the Sandy Sprint. By joining forces, your team will raise a far larger amount of money to support early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer than otherwise possible. You and your Sandy Sprint 10K/5K team members will be helping to change the destructive path of ovarian cancer for generations of women to come.




1.    Please ensure that each member of your team completes an event registration form and submits entry fees to participate in the walk/run either online or by mail.

2.    Please ensure that all of your team members register under your team name.

3.    Encourage your team members to fundraise. You can set up a Team Fundraising Page at or download a Pledge Form.

4.    In order to be eligible for fundraising prizes, all pledges must be received either online by April 21st or at Registration on April 21st.

5.    Employer matching gifts are a great way to quickly double your fundraising efforts! Each employer has its’ own procedures and qualifying rules for the employees. Check with the administrator of your employer’s program for more information. You can expedite gift matches by making sure the company forms are properly completed and signed and the check or money order is attached to the matching gift form.




Raise and collect your pledges as quickly as possible.

Talk about the Sandy Sprint with everyone. Share your stories.

Take your pledge form wherever you go, or e­mail your donation web page to all of your email contacts.

Consider everyone a potential sponsor. Include friends, family and associates.

Solicit your local coffee shops, restaurants, gyms or any business you patronize.

Enlist your friends’ help in spreading the word and signing up sponsors.

              Commit friends who are unable to make a monetary donation to help raise $300

            or more for you.

Be persistent, but considerate! Make follow­up telephone calls or send an email

                       note to remind your potential sponsors how important the Sandy Sprint is

                         to you.

Be creative and spontaneous in your fundraising.

If you are frustrated or discouraged for any reason, remember why you’re

              participating in the Sandy Sprint. Find a positive focus and run with it.

Remember to call us – 610­-446-­2272 – or email us at

               when you need our help.







1.                  Put in your own $30

2.                  Ask your significant other for $30

3.                  Ask your boss for $30

4.                  Ask two co­workers for $15 each

5.                  Ask two friends for $15 each

6.                  Ask your neighbor for $15

7.                  Ask two relatives for $15 each

8.                  Ask your favorite business for $30

9.                  Ask another co­worker and another friend for $15

10.                Ask another relative and another neighbor for $15

* Don’t forget to ask if your company has a matching gift program.




A quick and easy way to reach your goal…write a letter!


Write a letter about your fundraising effort and include:

1.            Your personal goal.

2.            Why you are walking to raise money for the early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer.

3.            If you have a connection to ovarian cancer, discuss how this has affected your life and the lives of your family.

4.            What the money will benefit­ ovarian cancer research and education. Refer supporters to the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Inc. website for more information:

5.            Where to send donations.


Send or email your letter to business associates, co­workers, friends, family members and everyone on your holiday list.